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Admission Policy

Admission to each class will be made through an entrance test except for the transfer cases from APSACS to APSACS who will be admitted without test. They will be evaluated for the level of their achievements and skills.

Fresh Admissions: New admissions in classes will be made at the start of the session. Admission dates will be announced by the MGES Sectt. Admissions will be made on the performance of the students (Test and interview).

During Session Admissions: All candidates for admission shall be tested in major subjects and/ or interviewed before they are admitted to the school.

Those candidates who pass the admission test and are not admitted due to non-availability of seats shall remain on the waiting list for a period not exceeding one month, after which the list shall be null and void.

Fee Policy

a.            Schools fee must be paid regularly which will be payable in advance for each month, failing which the child will not be allowed to attend the school till all dues are paid.

b.            All fees must be remitted in the Askari bank as mentioned on the fee vouchers up to 10th of each month without fine and after 10th of each month with fine of Rs 100/-

c.            Fee for May/June is due in May before 10th May and fee for July/August before 10th August.

d.            If the fee for two months has not been paid, the name of the student will be struck off.

e.            If the school leaving certificate is requested after 10th of current month, fee for that month will be charged.

f.        Those appearing in CAIE will deposit fee before receiving SOE. 

           g.       If the student is absent from the school for 10 days without prior permission of Principal, his  

                   name will be struck off and will have to pay re-admission fee along with pending / outstanding  


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